December 2018

Hey team I don’t know if the Play N Go are good - does anyone else know?
*Play N Go™ Saturdays @ PS 267 - Chess NYC Saturdays
*Play N Go™ Sundays @ PS 183 - Chess NYC Sundays
*Play N Go™ Tuesdays @ PS 126 - Chess NYC Tuesdays

SAT - Dec 1st 2018
*2018 CIS - DYCD Chess Masters Tournament, PS 11m, Chelsea  (FREE!)
*Columbus Elementary Scholastic  (NOTE: This tournament is in NR)

SUN - Dec 2nd 2018
*The Right Move Chess Tournament  (FREE!)
*PS 10 Brooklyn Gladiators Chess Tournament  BROOKLYN
*Avenues the World School (Growing Minds Chess Academy)
*Hunter College Elementary School Chess Tournament  

FRI Dec 7th - SUN Dec 9th 2018
*USA Chess Tour - 1 st Annual Queens Classical Chess Championship
*Her Move Next - All girls Quads

SAT - Dec 8th 2018
*2018 CIS - Fernando Cabrera Chess Challenge, MS 390x, Bronx  (FREE!)
*Grade National prep
*USA Chess Tour - 1st Annual Grace Church School and Brooklyn Friends School Grand Prix Tournament #2
*William B. Ward Elementary (NSCF Grand Prix event)   (NOTE: This tournament is in WP)
*All Souls Chess Tournament

SUN - Dec 9th 2018
*PS6 Chess Tournament   
*Magnus High School League 
*PS 334 - Anderson Chess Tournament 
*CHESSANITY TOURNAMENT (NOTE: This tournament is in LI)
*Packer School Chess Tournament BROOKLYN
*2018-19 Royal Panther Cup Chess Tournament BROOKLYN
*PS41 Chess Tournament
*The Tri-State Chess Championship at Lycee Francais de NY

FRI Dec 14th - SUN Dec 16th 2018
*2018 National Scholastic K-12 Grade Championship December 14-16

SAT - Dec 15th 2018
*MCC calendar of events - Marshall U1900 Morning Action
*2018 CIS - Queens Chess Day, PS 150q, Sunnyside  (FREE!)

SUN - Dec 16th 2018
*MCC calendar of events - Marshall Rated Beginner (3 Rounds)
*MCC calendar of events - Marshall G/50 (Open & U1600)
*Doctor David Ostfeld Memorial Tournaments at BCA (NOTE: This tournament is in NJ)

SAT - Dec 22nd 2018
*MCC calendar of events - Marshall G/50 (U1700)

SUN - Dec 23rd 2018
*MCC calendar of events - Marshall Rated Beginner

SAT - Dec 29th 2018
*MCC calendar of events - Marshall G/50 (Open & U1800)