The Fun is in the Learning!

Through an innovative approach uniquely our own, Educational Light School of Chess offers a learning experience that sets the standard for excellence in chess instruction. Integrating cutting-edge chess learning tools and technologies, our curriculum reflects children's interests and builds on their competencies. Under the caring guidance of our hand-picked and trained instructors, children grow as thinkers, strategists, and gracious competitors, having a great time all the while!

Based in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we offer curricular, after school and in-home chess classes as well as private lessons for kids of various age groups and skill levels.  We provide our students with the tools and support they need to pursue chess on their terms;  some enjoy casual play while others choose to compete in local, national and international tournaments. Our students include some of the highest-rated scholastic players in the country and the world!

Under the caring guidance of our exceptional instructors, young chess players gain confidence as they pass through each step of the journey from proficiency to mastery. Because children have unique learning styles, instructors begin by getting to know their students and tailor the training accordingly. Our favorable teacher to student ratio sets us apart from other programs, affording students quality personalized attention in every class.

Our extraordinary teachers bring a wealth of expertise, life experiences and a passion for teaching to every lesson. Carefully selected and trained in the Educational Light method, our team of world-renown instructors includes lifetime Chess Coaches, Masters, International Masters and International Grandmasters.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Why Chess?

Academic Enrichment
Multiple studies indicate that youngsters who learn and practice chess enjoy remarkable growth in areas as diverse as math, language, music and science.

Logical Thinking
Chess enhances children's executive functioning skills enabling them to plan ahead, reason strategically, shift gears and problem solve.

Empathy, Risk-Taking & Resilience
Young chess players are strengthening their resilience - the ability to return and try again after a setback. They are building empathy - for their teammates and their opponents. They are growing as risk takers, ready to jump in when they spot an opportunity.

My kids are generally less than enthusiastic about anything that involves the word lesson (piano lesson, tennis lesson, golf lesson...) with the exception of chess lessons which they love.  Each lesson is an exciting adventure
— Robert, Parent
My son looks forward to his weekly lesson and has quickly advanced to playing in tournaments not because he has to, but because he wants to.
— Jennifer, Parent