One-on-One Chess Instruction

One-on-one private instruction is the most effective tool for rapid chess improvement. Students can explore questions, learn new techniques and ultimately come away with a deeper understanding of Chess.  World-class Educational Light Instructors are handpicked and trained to offer your child the very best training, opening repertoire development tailored to your child and expert guidance to navigate tournament play.  


Semi-Private Chess Instruction

This is a great way for 2 - 3 students with similar chess experience to receive personalized instruction.  Adding to the fun, players can enjoy the social benefits afforded by playing with other students. One of our world-class instructors will come to your home each week with all the necessary chess equipment.


Online Private Lessons

Online study with our Titled Instructors is a powerfully visual way to learn chess. Using the newest interactive analysis boards, students can animate key moves and ideas, employ world-class chess engines, and cycle through a vast database of grandmaster games to analyze and enjoy, all from any web-friendly device. What’s more, your child can benefit from our hand-picked teachers at 30% off the in-home private lesson rate!

We also offer special pre-paid packages for Online Private Lessons, find out more by clicking the link below.

Not only did my daughter learn to play chess with the best of them, but she learned how to conduct herself in stressful situations, how to handle both wins and losses with grace, and how to carry what she learned about herself through chess into the other realms of her life - as a student, friend, team player, and leader.
— Gayle, Parent