The Fun is in the Learning!

Through an innovative approach uniquely our own, Educational Light School of Chess and Math offers a learning experience that sets the standard for excellence in chess and math instruction. Our curriculum reflects children's interests and builds on their competencies so children grow as thinkers, strategists and gracious competitors, having a great time all the while!

Based in Manhattan and Brooklyn, our school offers curricular, after school and in-home chess and math classes as well as private lessons for kids of various age groups and skill levels.

Because everyone learns in their own way, instructors begin by getting to know their students and how they learn best. Class sizes are very small, with two, and often three, superb teachers per group.

Our extraordinary team of top notch teachers brings a wealth of expertise, life experiences and a passion for teaching. Carefully selected and trained in the Educational Light approach, they enrich their lessons with contexts both historical and literary. Our team includes Grandmaster Maurice Ashley, International Masters Jairo Moreira and Tatiana Brea, and unequalled chess masters, and superb math teachers.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Why Chess?

Academic Enrichment
Multiple studies indicate that youngsters who learn and practice chess enjoy remarkable growth in areas as diverse as math, language, music and science.

Logical Thinking
Chess enhances children's executive functioning skills enabling them to plan ahead, reason strategically, shift gears and problem solve.

Empathy, Risk-Taking & Resilience
Young chess players are strengthening their resilience - the ability to return and try again after a setback. They are building empathy - for their teammates and their opponents. They are growing as risk takers, ready to jump in when they spot an opportunity.

About Math Blast

Math is vibrant, dynamic and a lot of fun! In Math Blast, students are invited to observe, question, discover, and persevere. Classes harness curiosity so young learners engage familiar topics energetically and creatively.

Our Innovative Approach
Lively classes will challenge students with games, puzzles, iPad apps and open-ended problems to stimulate and strengthen their facility and passion for mathematics. Problem solvers will be encouraged to be creative and explore novel approaches including heuristics like pattern recognition, finding the simple in the complex, and using deductive and logical reasoning.

Beyond Common Core
Although Common Core State Standards will serve as a guideline, we will explore ideas not often seen in the math classroom including logic problems, manipulatives and modular arithmetic. Students share their thinking with each other, so they are aware of the myriad ways that problems can be approached, explained, and solved.

Powerful Skill Development
Competence with math ideas and problems reinforce proficiency young learners can apply both in and out of the classroom. Our focus on critical thinking strengthens executive functioning skills to help students better strategize, break problems up into steps, and move toward a goal or a solution in an efficient way.

Building powerful math skills has never been so much fun!

My kids are generally less than enthusiastic about anything that involves the word lesson (piano lesson, tennis lesson, golf lesson...) with the exception of chess lessons which they love.  Each lesson is an exciting adventure
— Robert, Parent
My son looks forward to his weekly lesson and has quickly advanced to playing in tournaments not because he has to, but because he wants to.
— Jennifer, Parent
My son’s first tournament yesterday was a great experience and a wonderful day - it topped off what’s been a fantastic year for him. He had a nascent interest in Chess at the start of the year - but nothing compared to his interest and ability now.
— Jodi, Parent